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Mobile Social Networking - Do you have a Minihompy?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

source: Guardian Tuesday 14 Aug 07

Apparently a Minihompy is a mobile homepage (profile) on a social network!

In Korea they have been doing this since 1999 and more than 90% of all Koreans in their 20’s already have a minihompy, why are we so slow in these technologies here in the UK and the US to catch up?

Juniper Research expect revenue from User Generated Content (UGC) to jump from $571 million this year to $5.74 billion in 2012

I wonder if there is such an interest from the mobile providers in Business/Social Networks? I am an active member of Ecademy and Ecademy says about itself “Ecademy is a Social Network for Business People” so does that make Ecademy a Social Network? I’ve always thought of Ecademy as a Business/Social network rather than a Social/Business network with the emphasis being on the first word. Am I looking at Ecademy the wrong way, it is certainly very useful to me in Business and I do get a lot of social interaction on here too but would I be a member without my underlying business reasons? I need to think about that some more!

Is there an opportunity here for Ecademy to take a leap of faith with a mobile service provider to act as a ‘guiding light’ to the larger social networks and thereby helping its own credibility and security?

I think there is. If so who should it be with? I would think Vodafone would be the best fit.

Having worked in the mobile industry and now in the business of Digital Media strategy I find this all very interesting and would welcome your thoughts.



Video Pearls at 10 Downing Street

Monday, August 13th, 2007

We were lucky enough to be chosen to capture video pearls of wisdom with a selection of VIPs and MPs at the Prime Ministers home recently. Our client, is in beta stages of launching a mentoring site and the recordings can all be viewed within the site. We used a new piece of kit for us that allowed a quick chromakey set up with a lot less lighting - we’re impressed with the results of reflecmedia.