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Customer care training videos that grow your sales and build team confidence

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

If you’re considering the best way to create and deliver your customer care training video to multiple offices or countries, then read on. Successful customer training is about getting the balance right between your staff’s aspirations and that of the customer and business.
So it’s important your training video motivates and educates people.

Creating a successful staff training video will mean: ·         Skilled people make good role models and inspire colleagues
to follow and grow with the business
·         New skills increase motivation and build confidence ·         Training videos trigger new ideas·         People work smarter and enjoy more rewards·         Your business grows as more skilled staff mean new services
and more work
·         Profits increase as reputation and brand grows·         Excellent customer service turns unhappy customers into
loyal long-term customers·         Creates a great experience for customers·         Increases prospect of promotion and rewards 

Staff want training that’s easy to learn and access - and fits in with their lifestyle 

Video streaming means your staff has 24-hour access to training.
They can learn at their own pace while improving their career
and promotion prospects.

Businesses want reliable training that works and can be measured against KPIs Streaming video is the smart way to present your customer training.Your staff will remain at their workplace. So there’s no absenteeism, temporary cover and travel costs to pay out.  

Initial set-up costs are modest and mean you continue to benefit for as long as you run the programme. Your international offices will have immediate access to training as there are no distribution or conferencing costs - and updates are quick and easy. 

You can also monitor your staff’s training progress using online questionnaires and identify areas for improvement. Creating a memorable experience for customers 

Good customer care training creates a memorable impression that keeps customers coming back. This is particularly important when dealing with complaints and enquiries.  So it’s important the first person your customer contacts is able to take responsibility for resolving a problem without passing the buck.


Thursday, September 11th, 2008

By capturing your conference and broadcasting it to reach a wider audience through live webcasts, on demand video or vodcasts, a virtual event is created that can develop new streams of income.

There is an increasing business need for Conference and Event organisers to identify ways of making their events more memorable and to engage with a wider audience. Conference / Event sponsors are always looking for innovative ways of promoting their brands to increasing numbers of relevant people.

The content of any conference or simple presentation is extremely valuable and the traditional way of delivering the material meant that only limited numbers of people (those who attended the physical event) would get any value from it. There is a huge audience (comprising those people who were unable to attend the Conference) that remains untapped by both organisers and sponsors alike. This is very much like an iceberg – a relatively small audience sees the event with a far greater number missing out.

Capturing a conference is a great way to exploit this untapped market opportunity, extending the reach and impact of any given event. In turn, an event’s sponsor gets much greater exposure and an increased return on their investments allowing event organisers to attract higher levels of sponsorship.

By using live streaming video an online audience can share the experience of the live event. Once the content has been captured in this way, it can be turned into a vodcast or podcast (audio only) and can be made available as ‘on demand’ content to allow people who missed the live event to access it at their convenience.